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United States:This looks seems to be quite a love it/hate proposition. I personally love it! I think there’s true genius in the way Ralph Lauren has represented the American ethos, from the country club, patrician-casual skirt, pant and wonderfully brass-buttoned navy blazer, to the admittedly enormous player logo, to the faintly militaristic beret, in which I see echoes of such diverse institutions as the Black Panthers, Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels, and the US Army. I feel like some of the animus toward this ensemble is a case of not liking what we see in the mirror. And I really don’t get the hate for the white brogues…I adore them! To each her own, I suppose!

The second photo shows the US team in all its beautiful diversity. Our strength lies in our differences :)

Brazil: They did the best job of punching up the ubiquitous look I like to call “Sporty Stewardess”.

South Korea: They were tops at the look I call “Nautical Barbershop Quartet”.

Sweden: I don’t know…the jaunty shirt works for me for some reason. And the women’s khaki skirt is girlish and cute.

Great Britain: I call this one “The Reverse Monet”; it looked totally lame on TV but I dig the closeup photo. It’s very modern and sporty, and the gold trim is really quite hot! Cheers, mates!

Germany: This is a complete WTF? look! Pink for the women and blue for the men? It’s just so…literal. Achtung, Deutsche-your flag is red, black and gold. The gender-specific baby colors don’t match, so please leave them to the kinder.